Empower Volleyball Club was founded to promote the sport of volleyball and 

encourage players to do and be their best both on and off the court.

Through proper planning, training, hard work, and commitment 

we strive to empower our athletes to:

Build self confidence, enhance self esteem

Develop a spirit of good sportsmanship, 

friendship, and goodwill through a safe competitive environment,

Embrace responsibility with compassion and respect, 

Develop their mental and physical potential to the fullest, and...

Promote having a great time on the court




St. Francis School

15643 SW Oregon Street

Sherwood, OR 97140


Practice are twice a week Days

and times to be determined

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~ Build self confidence ~ Enhance self esteem ~ Develop good sportsmanship ~ Embrace responsibility with compasision and respect ~ Develop their potential to the fullest ~